Friday, August 12, 2011

A Tale of Three World Record Stripers

From the Top: The latest striper caught last Friday (Aug. 5) by Greg Myerson weighted in at 88.1 pounds, Al McReynolds of Atlantic City and his record 78 lb 8 oz fish and Big Ben, and the wake of the previous world record 62 lb 9 oz caught by Maury Upperman of Margate.

Myerson caught his striper off Long Island Sound, just off Westbook beyond the Outer Southwest Reef with a large eel on three-way swivel rig and Quantum Babo reel and short, staut St. Croix rod. McReynolds caught his with an artificial lure off an Atlantic City jetty in September 1982 during a Noreaster. Upperman caught Big Ben with his own home made bucktail lure in the 1960s.

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