Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tony Marts on Bay Avenue Somers Point NJ

(Roger Evoy photo)

Actor Tom Berringer, who plays the role of "Wordman" in the movie "Eddie & the Cruisers," starts out as a cleanup man sweeping the floor when Eddie walks in the front door and says, "Tell Tony Eddie & the Cruisers are here."

The scene I watched them film a half dozen times showed Berringer returning to the club to reminisence, driving up and parking his car in the lot next to the front door, but he finds the place closed and boarded up, and can only look in the window.

For some reason that scene never made the final cut and must have been left on the editing room floor.

But that's the way it really was a few months after they filmed the movie, as the place was closed and they held a final, last night party that was a real blast.

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