Sunday, July 17, 2011

Billy Boyd on the Last Night at the Old Anch

Billy Boyd, another legendary Somers Point bartender, lived upstairs when Andrew's father Henry owned the Anchorage.

Boyd went to Florida where he opened his own bar - the Parrot in Ft. Lauderdale, which became somewhat of a winter haven for Somers Point bartenders and patrons and is still a hangout for Philadelphia Eagle fans.

Billy Boyd came back to the Anchorage for the last night, as did a number of other old timers who wanted to pay their last respects.

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NV Tacchino IV said...

Billy Boyd among others is a friend of my father' fact he called today..we sit here and laugh that my father, Nat Tacchino , AKA Nate from the Dunes isn't mentioned anywhere..he jokes that maybe it's for the better!..he was a bouncer in the late '60s at Tony Marts and went on to manage The Dunes after Ronnie Rubino passed away..he has many stories to tell of his days at the shore..he says there was nothing like a walk down Bay avenue on a sunny summer day..Bayshores, The Anchorage, Gregory's, Charlie's he knew all the spots well..